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...just like it takes two people to hang a painting: one up close, and one further back, to tell you if it's crooked. If you're writing a book proposal or trying to wrestle a piece of narrative non-fiction to the ground, I can help you see the forest for the trees: organizing your narrative, working out transitions, whacking away at the weeds, spotting the holes. I think it's important to do that while retaining the writer's voice. Editing is a partnership, but the work is yours. 


If you are writing a technical or academic paper and you find yourself bogged down in jargon, I can help you say it in plain English that still conveys the complexities. 

Fees vary. I usually charge by the hour, but I'm flexible. Let's talk.  

If you think that "utilize" sounds fancier than "use," go somewhere else.

My Services
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